40 things about me

1. I’ve broken 4 toes, 3 fingers, 2 ribs, my heel, my arm and chipped my skull.

2. I suffered crippling depression for 8 years but I beat that bastard – yay – go me. I only have small relapses now and again.

3. My mom’s dead. I miss her a lot.

4. I swear far too much. Golly gosh, heaven’s to Betsy.

5. I’m a carnivore. I call vegetables ‘scenery’ – it’s nice to look at, but don’t crash into it.

6. I’ve been driving since the age of 8. My dad bought me a Mini because it was cheaper than the Scalextric I asked for.

7. I keep on smiling through everything.

8. I live in a cave – which is only a slight exaggeration.

9. I’m not a very good cook but I try. I do, however, cook a mean roast dinner.

10. I think cider and wine should be classed as part of your five-a-day.

11. I have my own theory of crowd dynamics which enables me to get on the barrier of virtually any gig if I want to.

12. I am an optimist.

13. I wear my heart on my sleeve. Something I’m proud of.

14. My dad’s dead – I don’t miss him so much. He looked like Saddam Hussein, but wasn’t quite so warm and caring.

15. I like having my willy sucked. I know that’s going to shock a lot of people.

16. I’ve been known, on occasion, to talk too much. It’s true, but it also embarrasses me.

17. I don’t like football. Bores the crap out of me.

18. I do like F1. That bores the crap out of everyone else.

19. I’ve seen several hundred bands in my time.

20. I don’t know the difference between effect and affect – and that effects me.

21. I’m good a building things, I’ve done it all my life.

22. I over think and over analyse things.

23. I didn’t start drinking beer until I was 30 years old.

24. I’ve been to the Rio carnaval. Awesome place.

25. I can piss for a very long time apparently. My record is about four minutes I’m guessing.

26. I don’t own a t.v. and I don’t miss it. Music is my passion.

27. I have a theory – the cuter the animal, the better it tastes.

28. I once had two owls fucking in my loft, hilarious.

29. My sister, bless her, ripped me off for several hundred thousand pounds. What hurt most was not losing the money, but that she lied to me for six years to do it.

30. I still keep on smiling through everything.

31. I hid being kinky for years. After all, you’re taught not to hurt girls, and especially not to get a hard-on when you do.

32. I’ve been in love many times but only fallen out of love once.

33. I consider myself to be a lucky person for some unknown reason.

34. I was physically and verbally bullied for 11 years because of my colour.

35. I almost compulsively tell the truth.

36. I love to read and I love writing things – though I never actually passed English. Technically I’m illiterate.

37. My self deprecating sense of humour belies the fact that I have a very decent opinion of myself – though that wavers when I’m down.

38. I’m fiercely loyal to my friends. I’ll always help if I can.

39. I loath and detest electricity – I’m an electrical engineer.

40. I keep on smiling.


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