Dietrich Penguin

Tied up and naked you feel my damp flipper caress your spine. The unmistakable aroma of rotten mackerel wafts across your face as I whisper “Squawk!” into your ear. You breathing quickens and your body turns to jelly at the slightest touch of my cold webbed foot. Nervous yet excited. Your mind free despite the ties that bind you. You hear me waddle around you wondering what will happen next. A gentle movement between you legs as my slick feathered head seeks out your most intimate area. Your hot swollen lips part as I begin to beak-fuck you. The ecstasy is matched only by your revulsion. Beaking you up to the eyes and stretching you wide you come in salty waves of twisted pleasure. I withdraw my beak and waddle back to my toy box – you know that the night has only just begun.

Sounds like fun yes?

Contact me to get to know the ultimate deviance that only a penguin can contain.

This was an old fun profile from another site. Obviously it’s about a man in a penguin suit, not a real penguin.


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