Freedom of Speech

Freedom of speech

There’s be a lot of hoo ha recently, I’m not going into it. It’s been a shake up for the scene and a shame for everyone in the scene.

The animosity that has been shown on both sides has been quite appalling at times.

I admire truth and honesty. I admire people standing up for what they believe in – even if I don’t agree with them. I would fight for their freedom of speech happily.

Just because we have freedom of speech doesn’t mean you actually have to use it, you also have the freedom to shut-the-fuck-up. If you use your freedom to speak it is still possible to get a point across while using diplomacy and tact. You may have the right to hold an opinion about about someone, that doesn’t mean that you should voice it in the harshest way possible. That’s just childish.

I see people on both sides doing it. They excuse their actions by saying – people know I speak my mind – I’m known for being forthright – I don’t care what people think about me, this is the truth.


I’m going to call bullshit on that one. Do these people ever talk to the police like that? Have they ever had a job where they hate their boss? I’m betting in such circumstances they find the power of politeness and tact. Either that or they get arrested whenever they talk to the police and have lost a lot of jobs.

It doesn’t make you brave or courageous or noble to speak the truth in such a strong way. It makes you callous and heartless and immature. No matter how valid the point you are making people dislike YOU personally. We can see the spite. It only weakens your argument as people don’t want to actually listen to a messenger they feel is an unpleasant person. It might cause pain to the intended victim but your point suffers, as a result so does your reputation.

I see some people’s comments and before I’ve even read it I think ‘oh god, what’s happening now’. I am less inclined to acknowledge their argument because they’re behavior denotes points scoring, personal vendettas and spite. They do not act like rational well developed adults and so why should I listen to their argument? What reason do I have to believe that the point their trying to make is rational, mature or well thought out if they behave in such a way?

Most fully functioning adults have learnt to make a point without insulting their opponent. It’s mature behavior. If you come across as reasonable and rational, people might just listen to you more. If you’d rather score petty points instead of having your point of view listened to and evaluated, then I feel you might have missed some important development work in your formative years.

Yes, there are factions within our little world. The dynamics of any group above a certain threshold almost guarantees it. Those same dynamics don’t mean that we have to behave in such ways. The ways we behave are our choices to make. Let’s make better choices.

Talk, people, discuss – but is there any need for such spite? Honestly?


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