Standing naked in the corner facing the wall. She’s been told to stand there by him as punishment for some minor misdemeanour. She hates it. Being ignored. Treated like a child. It makes her feel shamed and gives her mind nothing to do but dwell on what she did wrong. Beating herself up for not being good enough. She is far more cutting to herself than he ever could be. She doesn’t know how long she’s been there, but it feels like a long time. She’s upset and would do anything to get back into his good graces again.

He enters the room. Busying himself with things and still apparently not talking to her. How she wishes this would end.

He’s behind her now. He whispers close in her ear “Are you going to behave now?”

“Yes” she says quietly.

He runs his hand over her shoulders, up her neck and through her short hair. She shivers at this kind touch and feels a glimmer of hope that he might have forgiven her at long last.

The hand clutches her hair and she feels her face slammed into the wall. From the inside she feels a sickening thud. And again. Face alive with pain. Blood in her mouth from where she’s bitten her tongue. Her nose erupts in a bloody mess and splashes the wall with red.

Dazed and shocked her legs start to fail her. Taking advantage of this he spins her and throws her to on to her hands and knees. Head drooping down she sees her own blood pool on the floor.

Still in shock and horrified at her state she almost vomits with fear. He mouth watering and stomach clenched painfully tight. She feels feint and week. Distracted by the blood she only realises what’s happening on a time delay. Falling forward in a lurch as his cock enters her dry ass and her arms cannot support her. Cold wetness on her chest, slick, disturbing. Raw heat and pain as she feels her anus tear. His weight now on top of her as he pounds her. Breath knocked from her. She barely whimpers as he cums inside her.

Weight removed. Sickness still present in her. Face throbbing. Metallic taste of blood. Arms lift her. Carrying her to the bed. She’s laid down softly. Mind still fractured. Reality vague.

Smooth warmth caresses her cheek and nose and mouth. Not sticky any more. The red slickness removed. Aware that he’s washed off some of the violence. The mess. The blood. Cold compress applied to her wounds. Gentle strong arms holding her. Stroking her. Her eyes regain their focus.

He hands her a small mirror. She dreads how she must look. Warily she peeks at her image. Ugly split lip. Lips stained red from the blood. Right eye swollen already and going purple fast. Nose not broken but blocked with congealed hemorrhage. Grazes and scratches aplenty. Damn she’s hot now. How fucking sexy is that? She winces when she prods her bruises. Prods them again and grins. She seeks out his lips and kisses him deeply. Relishing the broken lip. God she’s horny now. She knows that she is forgiven.


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